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Week 08/21

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions
ChartTitleEdition DateAvailable
JP1064Irago Suido18/02/20212021-08
341Macao to Hong Kong25/02/20212021-08
932Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok and Approaches25/02/20212021-08
933Approaches to Tanjung Priok25/02/20212021-08
1076Linney Head to Oxwich Point25/02/20212021-08
1201Guanhe Kou to Rizhao Gang25/02/20212021-08
2247Golfe de la Napoule and Golfe Juan including Iles de Lerins and the approaches to Cannes25/02/20212021-08
2293Northern Japan and Adjacent Seas25/02/20212021-08
4655Mururoa to Ducie Island25/02/20212021-08
5125Routeing Chart South Atlantic (1 – 12 – January – December)25/02/20212021-08
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
Aus200Port Jackson04/03/2021
Aus262Approaches to Cairns04/03/2021
PNG397Cape Kwoi to Buka Island – including Green Islands04/03/2021
PNG398Tulun Islands to Tanga Islands04/03/2021
240Approaches to Port Said (Bur Sa’id)04/03/2021
323Dover Strait – Eastern Part04/03/2021
898Ports on the East Coast of Korea04/03/2021
1323Rio Parana Sheet 104/03/2021
1350Dunkerque and Approaches04/03/2021
1351Approaches to Calais04/03/2021
1406Dover and Calais to Orford Ness and Scheveningen04/03/2021
1761Taiwan Strait – Northern Part04/03/2021
1892Dover Strait – Western Part04/03/2021
2046Waterford Harbour04/03/2021
2401Nanri Dao to Baiquan Liedao04/03/2021
2413Songxia Gang04/03/2021
2419Outer Approaches to Songxia Gang and Minjiang Kou04/03/2021
2431Sansha Wan and Approaches04/03/2021
3937Ports in Kepulauan Riau04/03/2021
DE2Approaches to Rivers Jade – Weser and Elbe11/03/2021
DE20Entrance to Rivers Jade and Wesert11/03/2021
1280Bayuquangangqu Gangchi11/03/2021
1657Saronikos Kolpos11/03/2021
1853Approaches to Bahia del Callao11/03/2021
4780Cap Eternite a/to Saint Fulgence11/03/2021
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdrawn Date
8024Port Approache Guide – Savannah25/02/2021
8030Port Approache Guide – Jacksonville25/02/2021
8031Port Approache Guide – Mobile Bay25/02/2021
8057Port Approache Guide – New Orleans25/02/2021
8112Port Approache Guide – Tampa Bay25/02/2021
8113Port Approache Guide – Approaches to Tampa Bay25/02/2021
8181Port Approache Guide – Port Everglades25/02/2021
8227Port Approache Guide – Miami25/02/2021
8236Port Approache Guide – Lake Charles25/02/2021
8262Port Approache Guide – Brunswick25/02/2021
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
8122Port Approach Guide – Portland (United States – East Coast)04/03/2021
8187Port Approach Guide – New York Lower Bay and Approaches04/03/2021
8188Port Approach Guide – New York Newark Bay and Arthur Kill04/03/2021
8189Port Approach Guide – New York Upper Bay04/03/2021
8200Port Approach Guide – Delaware River – Philadelphia and Camden04/03/2021
8201Port Approach Guide – Delaware River – Wilmington and Marcus Hook04/03/2021
8202Port Approach Guide – Delaware Bay and Approaches04/03/2021
8224Port Approach Guide – Baltimore04/03/2021
8248Port Approach Guide – Boston04/03/2021
8249Port Approach Guide – Approaches to Boston04/03/2021
8065Port Approach Guide – Puerto Cabello11/03/2021
8066Port Approach Guide – Manzanillo (Mexico)11/03/2021
8076Port Approach Guide – Montevideo11/03/2021
8090Port Approach Guide – Callao11/03/2021
8094Port Approach Guide – Puertos Ingeniero White – Nacional and Galven11/03/2021
8165Port Approach Guide – Puerto Lazaro Cardenas11/03/2021
8195Port Approach Guide – Coatzacoalcos11/03/2021
8211Port Approach Guide – Cartagena11/03/2021
8242Port Approach Guide – Kingston11/03/2021
8250Port Approach Guide – Freeport (Bahamas)11/03/2021
Aus397Cape Kwoi to Buka Island – including Green Islands04/03/2021PNG397
Aus398Tulun Islands to Tanga Islands04/03/2021PNG398
Q6401Practice and Exercise Areas (PEXA) – S E Sheet – Scarborough to Pool18/03/2021
Q6402Practice and Exercise Areas (PEXA) – S.W. Sheet – Poole to Isle of Man18/03/2021
Q6403Practice and Exercise Areas (PEXA) – N W Sheet – Isle of Man to Stornoway18/03/2021
Q6404Practice and Exercise Areas (PEXA) – N Sheet – Flannan Islands to Clyth Ness Including Orkneys and Shetlands18/03/2021
Q6405Practice and Exercise Areas (PEXA) – N E Sheet – Clyth Ness to Scarborough18/03/2021
Q6407Practice and Exercise Areas (PEXA) – South-Western Approaches to the English Channel18/03/2021
1368Honolulu Harbor25/03/2021
1378Southern Part of Oahu25/03/2021
1490Harbours in the Hawaiian Islands25/03/2021
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition DateAvailable
NP88Volume Q – Eastern Indian Ocean – South of the Equator – including Java – Banda and Timor Seas – Edition 01/202125/02/2021
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
NP63Persian Gulf Pilot11/03/2021
NP84Volume L – Northern Seas: Coast of Norway North of latitude 60°55’N – Svalbard – The Færoes – Iceland – Greenland and Coast of Russia to Bering Strait11/03/2021
NP30China Sea Pilot – Volume I18/03/2021
NP282(2)ALRS – Volume 2 – Part 2: RAN – DGPS – LT – RTS – EPFS – The Americas – Far East and Oceania18/03/2021
NP282(1)ALRS – Volume 2 – Part 1: RAN – DGPS – LT – RTS – EPFS – Europe – Africa and Asia (excluding the Far East)18/03/2021
NP136(2)Ocean Passages for the World – Volume II – Indian and Pacific Oceans25/03/2021
NP136(1)Ocean Passages for the World – Volume I – Atlantic Ocean25/03/2021
NP70West Indies Pilot – Volume I01/04/2021
NP286(8)ALRS – Volume 6 – Part 8: Africa (excluding Mediterranean Coast and Suez Canal) – Red Sea and the Persian Gulf01/04/2021
NP74Volume A – British Isles and North Coast of France from Dunkerque to the Entrance to Goulet de Brest including North Sea Oil and Gas Production Installations08/04/2021
NP314The Nautical Almanac08/04/2021
NP45Mediterranean Pilot – Volume I15/04/2021
NP286(1)ALRS – Volume 6 – Part 1: United Kingdom and Europe15/04/2021
NP201AAdmiralty Tide Tables – Volume 1A: United Kingdom. English Channel to River Humber (Including Isles of Scilly – Channel Islands and European Channel Ports)29/04/2021
NP75Volume B – Southern and Eastern Sides of the North Sea including the Coast of Norway to latitude 60 deg. 55 min. N06/05/2021
NP69East Coast of the United States Pilot Volume II13/05/2021
NP286(2)ALRS – Volume 6 – Part 2: Europe – Arctic and Baltic coasts – including Iceland and Faeroe Islands20/05/2021
NP67West Coast of Spain and Portugal Pilot27/05/2021
NP76Volume C – Baltic Sea; including Kattegat – Belts and Sound27/05/2021
NP201BAdmiralty Tide Tables – Volume 1B: United Kingdom and Ireland (excluding Isles of Scilly – English Channel to River Humber – Channel Islands and European Channel Ports)03/06/2021
NP27Channel Pilot10/06/2021
NP77Volume D – Eastern Atlantic Ocean – Western Indian Ocean – Arabian and Red Seas10/06/2021
NP2Africa Pilot – Volume II17/06/2021
NP202Admiralty Tide Tables – Volume 2: North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Regions17/06/2021
NP321The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors24/06/2021
Technical Publications
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOHSC Code – International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft – 2000 (eReader) – Ed 2021Feb.2021
IMOPerformance Standards – Edition 2020Feb.2021
WSBridge Resource Management Guidance – Edition 2020TBA
WSBridge Resource Management Guidance (eBook) – Edition 2020TBA
WSBallast Water Management – Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available – Edition 11/2020TBA
WSBallast Water Management – Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available (ebook) – Edition 11/2020TBA
WSMariner’s Diary 2021TBA
WSLNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards – Edition 03/2021TBA
WSLNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards – Edition 03/2021 (eBook)TBA
WSA Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book (Part I Machinery space ops) (eBook) – Ed 04/2021Apr.2021
WSA Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book (Part II Cargo/ballast operations) (eBook) – Ed 02/2021Apr.2021
WSMaritime Security. A Comprehensive Guide for Shipowners – Seafarers and AdministrationsApr.2021