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Our weekly catalogue changes highlight new Admiralty charts, Admiralty books and technical publications; cancelled and replaced charts and publications; forthcoming charts and publications; and the intention to withdraw Admiralty charts and publications.

Week 50/20

Admiralty charts
ChartTitleEdition Date
1968Taiwan Strait19/11/2020
2173Loop Head to Slyne Head19/11/2020
2254Valentia Island to River Shannon19/11/2020
2420Aran Islands to Broad Haven Bay19/11/2020
2423Mizen Head to Dingle Bay19/11/2020
2424Kenmare River to Cork Harbour19/11/2020
3236Taiwan to Okinawa Shima19/11/2020
3283Shetland Islands, South Sheet19/11/2020
3758Pulau Pesemut to Pulau Pulau Leman19/11/2020
Aus119Approaches to Esperance30/10/2020
PNG510Long Reef to Sudest Island30/10/2020
124Noordzeekanaal including Ijmuiden, Zaandam and Amsterdam26/11/2020
530Cabo de Sao Tome to Rio Grande26/11/2020
556Tramandai to Mar del Plata26/11/2020
557Mar del Plata to Comodoro Rivadavia26/11/2020
1201Guanhe Kou to Rizhao Gang26/11/2020
1253Lianyun Gang to Qingdao Gang26/11/2020
2029Ile de Brehat to Cap Frehel26/11/2020
2199North Channel, Northern Part26/11/2020
2268Portland Harbour26/11/2020
3281Shetland Islands, North-West Sheet26/11/2020
8124Chang Jiang – Baoshan, Taicang and Changshu Port26/11/2020
8126Chang Jiang – Inner Approaches to Shanghai26/11/2020
8127Chang Jiang – Outer Approaches to Shanghai26/11/2020
8216Zhoushan Qundao26/11/2020
211Plans in the Maltese Islands03/12/2020
2537Ghawdex (Gozo), Kemmuna (Comino) and the Northern Part of Malta03/12/2020
Aus53Approaches to Port Hedland10/12/2020
Aus54Port Hedland10/12/2020
CP5Pacific Entrance10/12/2020
106Cromer to Smiths Knoll10/12/2020
468Turks and Caicos10/12/2020
1281Outer Approaches to Dafeng Gang and Yangkou Gang10/12/2020
1441Turks Islands10/12/2020
1763Wenzhou Gang10/12/2020
2245Villefranche-sur-Mer to Menton10/12/2020
2246Cap d’Antibes to Cap Ferrat including Baie des Anges and Rade de Villefranche10/12/2020
3166Rade d’Agay to Monaco10/12/2020
Admiralty Books
NPTitleEdition Date
NP32AADR – China Sea Pilot Volume III, Edition 3/202019/11/2020
NP5011Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Paper Charts, Edition 8/202019/11/2020
NP32BADR – China Sea Pilot Volume IV, Edition 3/202026/11/2020
NP85LLFS – Volume M – Western Side of North Pacific Ocean – excluding Western parts of Philippine, East China and Yellow Seas, Edition 01/202026/11/2020
NP208ATT – Volume 8: South East Atlantic Ocean, West Africa and Mediterranean (including Tidal Stream Tables), Edition 202126/11/2020
NP281(2)ALRS – Maritime Radio Stations – Volume 1 – Part 2: The Americas, Far East and Oceania, Edition 202026/11/2020
NP80LLFS – Volume G – Western Side of South Atlantic Ocean and East Pacific Ocean from Cabo Orange to Point Barrow, and Hawaiin Islands, Edition 202003/12/2020
NP283(1)ALRS – Volume 3, Part 1: Europe, Africa and Asia (excludint the Far East), Edition 01/202003/12/2020
NP1ADR – Africa Pilot, Volume I, Edition 19/202010/12/2020
NP69ADR – East Coasts of Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot, Edition 9/202010/12/2020
NP164ATT – Dover Daily Times of High Water (HW) and Mean Range (MR) of the tide, Edition 22110/12/2020
NP283(2)ALRS – Volume 3, Part 2: The Americas, Far East and Oceania, Edition 01/202010/12/2020
Technical Publications
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IACSRecommendations on Cyber Resilience, Edition 202001/07/2020
ICSPeril at Sea and Salvage: A Guide for Masters, Edition 6/202001/10/2020
ICSPeril at Sea and Salvage: A Guide for Masters (eBook), Edition 6/202001/10/2020
ICSCyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use, Edition 2/202001/10/2020
ICSCyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use (eBook), Edition 2/202001/10/2020
IMOMARPOL, Consolidated edition 2017 – September 2020 Supplement05/10/2020
IMOMARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008 – September 2020 Supplement05/10/2020
ITURadio Regulation 202019/05/2020
NGASailing Directions (Planning Guide) – Arctic Ocean, Edition 13/2020 [Pub. 180]14/11/2020
OCIMFSTS – Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, Edition 2/202001/11/2020
WSDynamic Positioning: Theory & Practices, Edition 2/202001/10/2020
WSDynamic Positioning: Theory & Practices (ebook), Edition 2/202001/10/2020
WSParallel Index Techniques in Restricted Waters, Edition 2/202001/07/2020
WSShip Stability Strength and Loading Priciples, Edition 2/202001/09/2020
NGAUpdated Libraries, Edition 32/202021/11/2020
NGAInternational Code of Signals, Edition 1969 – Revised 2020 [Pub.102]21/11/2020
NGASailing Directions (Planning Guide and Enroute) – Antarctica, Edition 12/2020 [Pub. 200]21/11/2020
MNTB (through WS)Course Criteria for Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) Simulator Training, Edition 3/202001/11/2020
MNTB (through WS)Course Criteria for Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) Simulator Training (ebook), Edition 3/202001/11/2020
IMOESP Code (digital only), Edition 202027/11/2020
ITUManual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime MobileSatellite Services (Maritime Manual), Edition 202023/11/2020
WSPassage Planning Guide – Straits of Malacca and Singapore (SOMS) (PPG-SOMS), Edition 202101/11/2020
Admiralty Charts
ChartTitleReplaced by
Aus510Long Reef to Sudest IslandPNG510
Admiralty Books
NPTitleReplaced by
Admiralty Charts
ChartTitleEdition Date
DE48Luhesand to Hamburg17/12/2020
DE1641Wismar and Approaches17/12/2020
201Rt Kamenjak to Novigrad17/12/2020
882Jykbyeon Hang to Suwon Dan17/12/2020
1866Ports in the Firth of Clyde17/12/2020
2049Old Head of Kinsale to Tuskar Rock17/12/2020
2166Cavalaire-sur-Mer to Rade d’Agay17/12/2020
2220Pladda to Inchmarnock, Southern Sheet17/12/2020
2344Kieler Forde, Inner Part 17/12/2020
2471Selat Makassar to Selat Lombok17/12/2020
PNG388Karkar Island to Kairiru Island24/12/2020
1522Izmir Korfezi24/12/2020
1621Dagang to Nanjing24/12/2020
1752Approaches to Belfast24/12/2020
1753Belfast Lough and Approaches24/12/2020
2139Approaches to Pelabuhan Klang24/12/2020
2152Pelabuhan Utara (North Port)24/12/2020
2155Approaches to Selat Klang Utara24/12/2020
2157Pelabuhan Barat (West Port)24/12/2020
2158Approaches to Selat Klang Selatan24/12/2020
2712Otok Susac to Split24/12/2020
2812Lagos Harbour24/12/2020
812Oran and Mers-el-KebirIn due course
Admiralty Publications
PubTitleEdition Date
NP131Maritime Data Solutions Calatalogue17/12/2020
NP131(s)Maritime Data Solutions Calatalogue Supplement17/12/2020
NP36ADR – Indonesia Pilot, Volume I24/12/2020
NP81LLFS – Volume H – Northern and Eastern Coasts of Canada, including River Saint Lawrence and Saint Lawrence Seaway31/12/2020
Intention to Withdraw Admiralty Charts (UKHO)
ChartTitleDate of withdrawal
8105Port Approach Guide – Izmir03/12/2020
8110Port Approach Guide – Nemrut Limanı and Aliaga03/12/2020
8128Port Approach Guide – Izmit Korfezi03/12/2020
8138Port Approach Guide – Ambarli03/12/2020
8139Port Approach Guide – Gemlik03/12/2020
8148Port Approach Guide – Iskenderun03/12/2020
8173Port Approach Guide – Samsun03/12/2020
8208Port Approach Guide – Bandirma03/12/2020
8243Port Approach Guide – Rijeka03/12/2020
8254Port Approach Guide – Split (Croatia)03/12/2020
8008Port Approach Guide – Bremerhaven10/12/2020
8026Port Approach Guide – Rostock10/12/2020
8039Port Approach Guide – Kiel10/12/2020
8069Port Approach Guide – The Elbe – Hamburg10/12/2020
8070Port Approach Guide – The Elbe – Butzfleth10/12/2020
8071Port Approach Guide – The Elbe – Brunsbuttel10/12/2020
8072Port Approach Guide – The Elbe – Cuxhaven10/12/2020
8099Port Approach Guide – Bremen10/12/2020
8135Port Approach Guide – Wilhelmshaven10/12/2020
8190Port Approach Guide – Wismar10/12/2020
2359Wismar and Approaches17/12/2020
8167Approaches to Rizhao, Lanshan and Lianyungang17/12/2020
2947Chang Jiang, Sheet 2, Datong to Yichang and Changsha24/12/2020
241Outer Approaches to Port Said (Bur Sa’id)21/01/2021
3119Mina’ Al Iskandariyah (Port of Alexandria)21/01/2021
3326Mersa el Hamra21/01/2021
AUS388Karkar Island to Kairiru Island24/12/2020
2153Southern Approaches to Pelabuhan Klang24/12/2020
Technical Publications
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOIBC Code, Edition 2020 Sep.20
IMOSOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2020 Oct.20
IMOESP Code – Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Surveys of Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers, Edition 2/2020Dec.20
WSBallast Water Management – Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available, Edition 11/2020Coming soon
WSBallast Water Management – Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available (ebook), Edition 11/2020Coming soon
IMOPerformance StandardsDec.20