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Week 23/23

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions/New Charts
ChartTitleEdition Date
IN3034Krishnapatnam Port15/05/2022
WS111Samoa Islands01/04/2023
121Flamborough Head to Withernsea08/06/2023
317Chennai to Ramayapatnam08/06/2023
318Ramayapatnam to Sacramento Shoal08/06/2023
319Sacramento Shoal to Kalingapatnam08/06/2023
345Daya Wan, Huizhou Gang08/06/2023
1237Larne Lough and Approaches08/06/2023
1882Bridlington and Filey08/06/2023
4969Unimak and Akutan Passes and Approaches08/06/2023
4976Cape Saint Elias to Shumagin Islands08/06/2023
4977Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands to Seguam Pass08/06/2023
5607_12Rivers Crouch and Roach+Continuation of the River Roach.08/06/2023
5607_13Continuation of River Crouch+Burnham-on-Crouch+ Entrance to Walton Backwaters+ Continuation to Battlesbridge08/06/2023
5614_1Orford Ness to Benacre Ness08/06/2023
5615_13Firth of Forth Granton to Hawkcraig Point08/06/2023
5615_14Firth of Forth Hawkcraig Point to Hound Point08/06/2023
5615_15River Forth Hound Point to Rosyth08/06/2023
5615_16East Coast: Whitby to Edinburgh - River Forth Rosyth to Bo'Ness08/06/2023
5615_17River Forth Grangemouth Roads.+River Forth - Grangemouth and River Carron+ River Forth River Carron08/06/2023
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
IN263Cape Comorin to Colombo15/06/2023
IN3037Dhamra Port15/06/2023
IN3038Approaches to Dhamra Port15/06/2023
1056Nisos Kalymnos to Nisos Ikaria including Gulluk Korfezi15/06/2023
1972Cardigan Bay, Central Part15/06/2023
1973Cardigan Bay, Southern Part15/06/2023
3683Sheerness and Approaches15/06/2023
4920Juan de Fuca Strait to/a Dixon Entrance15/06/2023
5614_2Lowestoft to Winterton Ness15/06/2023
5614_6Caister-On-Sea to Mundesley15/06/2023
DE30Flensburger Förde (Flensborg Fjord) to Mecklenburger Bucht22/06/2023
896Ulsan Hang to Taebyon Hang22/06/2023
898Ports on the East Coast of Korea22/06/2023
2035Western Approaches to The Solent22/06/2023
2036The Solent and Southampton Water22/06/2023
2037Eastern Approaches to the Solent22/06/2023
2038Southampton Water and Approaches22/06/2023
2853Approaches to Sohar22/06/2023
3231Hai-K'ou P'o-ti to Chiu-Kang P'o-ti22/06/2023
5600_4Lymington River + Continuation of Lymington River + Isle of Wight Yarmouth Harbour + Isle of Wight River Yar22/06/2023
5600_6Beaulieu River + Continuation of Beaulieu River + Isle of Wight, Newtown River + Isle of Wight, Continuation of Newtown River22/06/2023
5614_10The Wash - Eastern Part22/06/2023
5614_11The Wash - Central Part22/06/2023
5614_12The Wash - Western Part22/06/2023
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
Withdrawn and Replaced
ChartTitleWithdraw DateReplaced By
NZ86Samoa Islands08/06/2023WS111
569Approaches to Krishnapatnam08/06/2023IN3034
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
2117Fehmarn Belt and Mecklenburger Bucht22/06/2023DE30
2942Kieler Bucht22/06/2023DE30
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
Withdrawn Publications
NPTitleEdition Date
Technical Publications
New Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
NGAUS List of Lights, Radio Aids and Fog Signals for the British Isles, English Channel and North Sea, Edition 2023 (Pub. 114)03/06/2023
WSGuidelines on the Application of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, Edition 4/2023, digitalq01/05/2023
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOModel Course - Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity trainingMay.2023
IMOMARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008, Edition 2023 June.2023
IMOPerformance Standards (digital)Aug.2023
IMOModel Course - Security awareness training for all seafarersAug.2023
IMOIMSBC Code, 2023 Edition (Amendment 07-23)Sep.2023
IMOIMSBC Code, 2023 Edition (Amendment 07-23) (digital)Sep.2023