Weekly Catalogue Changes

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Our weekly catalogue changes highlight new Admiralty charts, Admiralty books and technical publications; cancelled and replaced charts and publications; forthcoming charts and publications; and the intention to withdraw Admiralty charts and publications.

Week 07/23

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions/New Charts
ChartTitleEdition Date
28Salcombe Harbour16/02/2023
1546Zeegat van Texel and Den Helder Roads16/02/2023
2085Skagsudde to Bjuroklubb and Vaasa to Ulkokalla16/02/2023
2612Port of Vaasa and Approach Channels16/02/2023
3449Approaches to Xiamen Gang16/02/2023
3452Gulang Yu to Xinglin16/02/2023
3453Jiulongjiang Kou16/02/2023
3839Approaches to Vaasa16/02/2023
5602_7Fowey Harbour + River Fowey Mixtow to Saint Winnow + Continuation of River Fowey Saint Winnow to Lostwithiel.16/02/2023
5620_13Milford Haven Milford Shelf to Cleddau Bridge16/02/2023
5620-14River Cleddau16/02/2023
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
1327Rio Parana Sheet 523/02/2023
2045Outer Approaches to The Solent23/02/2023
2114Ports in the Golfe Du Lion23/02/2023
2464Passe de Mato and Passe de Uatio23/02/2023
2465Ile Ouen to Ile des Pins, Passe de la Sarcelle23/02/2023
2615Portland Bill to The Needles23/02/2023
3427Approaches to Brest23/02/2023
3800Oulun Portti to Kemi 123/02/2023
3864Approaches to Kemi and Tornio23/02/2023
5527Singapore Strait, Eastern Part23/02/2023
90Malancha River to Saint Martin's Island02/03/2023
859Approaches to Mohammadia02/03/2023
1516Boston Harbor02/03/2023
1528Boston Inner Harbor02/03/2023
1585Hefa (Haifa) and Approaches02/03/2023
2021Harbours and Anchorages in the West Solent Area02/03/2023
2289Approaches to the Port of Liepaja02/03/2023
2292Port of Liepaja02/03/2023
3484Philippine Islands and Adjacent Seas - Mindoro Strait to Molucca Sea02/03/2023
3489Manila to Hong Kong02/03/2023
4413Subic Bay to Jintotolo Island02/03/2023
4414Cuyo Islands to Subic Bay02/03/2023
4490Verde Island Passage02/03/2023
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
Withdrawn and Replaced
ChartTitleWithdraw DateReplaced By
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
Withdrawn Publications
NPTitleEdition Date
Technical Publications
New Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
WSMaster's Night Order Logbook, Ed 02/2023 (eBook)01/02/2023
WSWitherbys Flag State Regulations +, Ed 2023 (eBook)01/02/2023
WSWitherbys Flag State Regulations, Ed 2023 (eBook)01/02/2023
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOIMDG Code, Edition 2022Feb.2023
IMOIMDG Code Supplement, Edition 2022 Feb.2023
IMONAVTEX Manual, Edition 2023Feb.2023
IMONAVTEX Manual (eReader), Edition 2023Feb.2023
IMOAFS - International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships, 2001 (eBook), Edition 2023Mar.2023