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Week 43/22

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions/New Charts
ChartTitleEdition Date
Aus743Barrow Island to Onslow16/09/2022
DE1641Wismar and Approaches27/10/2022
NZ532Approaches to Auckland01/09/2022
127Korea Strait27/10/2022
226Deception Island27/10/2022
2618Harbours in T'ai-Wan27/10/2022
3365Geomundo to Daeheuksan Gundo and Jejudo27/10/2022
3391Approaches to Gwangyang Hang27/10/2022
3882Hai Phong and Approaches27/10/2022
3928Approaches to Mokp'o27/10/2022
3929Chuja Gundo to Geomundo27/10/2022
4000The World27/10/2022
4006A Planning Chart for the Arctic Region27/10/2022
4009A Planning Chart for the Antarctic Region27/10/2022
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
515Zadar to Luka Mali Losinj03/11/2022
2711Rogoznica to Zadar03/11/2022
2770Sound of Barra03/11/2022
2863Straits of Florida03/11/2022
3850Galveston Bay to Ship Shoal03/11/2022
3851Ship Shoal to Pensacola Bay03/11/2022
3852Santa Rosa Island to Tampa Bay03/11/2022
3853Tampa Bay to Key West03/11/2022
4123Urmston Road03/11/2022
5606_7Havengore Bridge to Southend-on-Sea03/11/2022
5606_8River Thames Southend-on-Sea to Canvey Island03/11/2022
5606_9Medway Approach Channel03/11/2022
5606_10Mouth of River Medway and West Swale03/11/2022
NZ5612Napier Roads10/11/2022
947Approaches To Pelabuhan Labuan (Victoria Harbour)10/11/2022
1188Spurn Head to Immingham10/11/2022
3496River Humber, Immingham and Hull10/11/2022
3497River Humber, Immingham to Humber Bridge and the Rivers Ouse and Trent10/11/2022
3828Kaurissalo to Norrskata10/11/2022
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
Aus158Port Phillip, South and West Channels27/10/2022
Withdrawn and Replaced
ChartTitleWithdraw DateReplaced By
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
525Boca Grande Key to Dry Tortugas03/11/2022
1098Lower Matecumbe Key to Boca Grande Key03/11/2022
2881Key West Harbor and Approaches03/11/2022
3148St Joseph and St Andrew Bays03/11/2022
3149Approaches to Pensacola Bay03/11/2022
3150Mobile Bay03/11/2022
3151Approaches to Pascagoula and Gulfport03/11/2022
3841Pascagoula Harbor03/11/2022
3847Approaches to Tampa Bay03/11/2022
3848Tampa Bay03/11/2022
3856LOOP Deepwater Port, Louisiana Offshore Oil Port03/11/2022
3858Pass A Loutre to Dauphin Island03/11/2022
3896Approaches to Port Fourchon03/11/2022
Planned UKHO Paper Sunset Withdrawals
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
AUS014Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Groote Eylandt  Approaches to Milner Bay17/11/2022
AUS015Australia - North Coast - Plans in the Northern Territory17/11/2022
AUS020Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Clarence Strait17/11/2022
AUS025Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Port Darwin (Northern Sheet)17/11/2022
AUS026Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Port Darwin (Southern Sheet)17/11/2022
AUS305Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Vanderlin Island to Cape Grey17/11/2022
AUS306Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Cape Grey to Elcho Island including Wessel Islands17/11/2022
AUS309Australia - North Coast - Darwin to Penguin Shoal  Eastern Sheet17/11/2022
AUS310Australia - Indonesia - Timor Sea - Cape Van Diemen to Pulau Masela17/11/2022
AUS311Australia - East Timor - Timor Sea - Calder Shoal to Meatij Miarang17/11/2022
AUS312Australia - East Timor  - Timor Sea - Dillon Shoal to East Timor17/11/2022
AUS314Timor Sea - Sahul Banks17/11/2022
AUS315Timor Sea - Darwin to Penguin Shoal  Western Sheet17/11/2022
AUS316Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Charles Point to Pelican Island17/11/2022
AUS318Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Pelican Island to Penguin Shoal17/11/2022
AUS319Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Penguin Shoal to Browse Island17/11/2022
AUS320Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Browse Island to Adele Island including Bonaparte Archipelago17/11/2022
AUS323Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Adele Island to Lacepede Islands including King Sound17/11/2022
AUS324Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Lacepede Islands to Eighty Mile Beach17/11/2022
AUS325Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Rowley Shoals to Bedout Islet17/11/2022
AUS715Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Cape Arnhem to Cape Wessel17/11/2022
AUS720Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Van Diemen Gulf17/11/2022
AUS721Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Port Essington to Snake Bay17/11/2022
AUS064Australia   -  West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Onslow24/11/2022
AUS065Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Barrow Island24/11/2022
AUS081Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Geraldton24/11/2022
AUS112Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Fremantle24/11/2022
AUS115Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Bunbury24/11/2022
AUS117Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Gage Roads and Cockburn Sound24/11/2022
AUS118Australia - South Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to King George Sound24/11/2022
AUS119Australia - South Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Esperance24/11/2022
AUS328Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Montebello Islands to North West Cape24/11/2022
AUS329Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - North West Cape to Point Cloates24/11/2022
AUS332Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Pepper Point to Geraldton24/11/2022
AUS337Australia - South Coast - Western Australia - King George Sound to Investigator Island24/11/2022
AUS606Indian Ocean - Approaches to Cocos (Keeling) Islands24/11/2022
AUS607Indian Ocean - Cocos (Keeling) Islands - South Keeling24/11/2022
AUS608Indian Ocean - Christmas Island24/11/2022
AUS742Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Rosemary Island to Barrow Island24/11/2022
AUS752Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Pelsaert Islands to Beagle Islands24/11/2022
AUS753Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Beagle Islands to Lancelin24/11/2022
AUS754Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Lancelin to Cape Peron24/11/2022
AUS755Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Cape Peron to Cape Naturaliste24/11/2022
AUS762Australia - South Coast - Western Australia - Investigator Island to Cape Le Grand24/11/2022
AUS120Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Appraches to Thevenard01/12/2022
AUS130Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Approaches to Port Adelaide01/12/2022
AUS134Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Port Lincoln and Approaches01/12/2022
AUS136Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Approaches to Whyalla and Port Pirie01/12/2022
AUS140Australia - South Coast - Victoria - Approaches to Portland01/12/2022
AUS144Australia - South Coast,  - Victoria - The Rip01/12/2022
AUS151Australia - South Coast - Victoria - Western Port (Entrance and North Arm)01/12/2022
AUS155Australia - South Coast - Victoria - Approaches to Port of Melbourne01/12/2022
AUS157Australia - South coast - Victoria - Port of Geelong and Approaches01/12/2022
AUS163Australia - Tasmania - Port of Burnie01/12/2022
AUS167Australia - Tasmania - Port Dalrymple01/12/2022
AUS168Australia - Tasmania - River Tamar  Long Reach to Launceston01/12/2022
AUS171Australia - South Coast - Tasmania - Hobart to Norfolk Bay01/12/2022
AUS173Australia - Tasmania - D'Entrecasteaux Channel01/12/2022
AUS341Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Head of Great Australian Bight to Streaky Bay01/12/2022
AUS342Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Streaky Bay to Whidbey Isles01/12/2022
AUS343Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Whidbey Isles to Cape Du Couedic01/12/2022
AUS346Australia - South Coast - SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Kangaroo Island (South Coast)01/12/2022
AUS347Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Backstairs Passage to Cape Martin01/12/2022
AUS348Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Victoria - Cape Martin to Cape Nelson01/12/2022
AUS349Australia - South Coast - Victoria - Cape Nelson to Port Phillip01/12/2022
AUS485Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Spencer Gulf and Gulf St. Vincent01/12/2022
AUS487Australia  South Coast - Bass Strait01/12/2022
AUS766Australia - Tasmania - Mistaken Cape to Wardlaws Point01/12/2022
AUS767Australia - Tasmania - Wardlaws Point to Eddystone Point01/12/2022
AUS776Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Williams Island to Winceby Island01/12/2022
AUS777Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Winceby Island to Point Riley01/12/2022
AUS778Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Point Riley to Port Augusta01/12/2022
AUS780Australia - South Coast - Althorpe Islands to Backstairs Passage01/12/2022
AUS781Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Gulf St Vincent01/12/2022
AUS790Australia - Tasmania - Stokes Point to Rocky Cape01/12/2022
AUS795Australia - Tasmania - South Cape to Storm Bay01/12/2022
AUS796Australia - Tasmania - Tasman Head to Cape Frederick Hendrick01/12/2022
AUS798Australia - Tasmania - Eddystone Point to Stony Head01/12/2022
AUS799Australia - Tasmania - Stony Head to Rocky Cape01/12/2022
AUS004Australia - North Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Weipa08/12/2022
AUS198Australia - East Coast - New South Wales - Botany Bay and Port Hacking08/12/2022
AUS200Australia - East Coast - New South Wales - Port Jackson08/12/2022
AUS207Australia - East Coast - New South Wales - Approaches to Newcastle08/12/2022
AUS235Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Moreton Bay08/12/2022
AUS236Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Moreton Bay08/12/2022
AUS237Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Brisbane River  The Bar to Lytton Reach08/12/2022
AUS238Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Brisbane  River - Lytton Reach to Victoria Bridge08/12/2022
AUS242Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Port Bundaberg Including Burnett River08/12/2022
AUS245Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Port of Gladstone08/12/2022
AUS246Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Port of Gladstone08/12/2022
AUS249Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Hay Point and Mackay08/12/2022
AUS250Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Plans of Hay Point and Mackay Harbour08/12/2022
AUS251Australia  -  East Coast - Queensland - Bailey Islet to Repulse Islands08/12/2022
AUS252Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Whitsunday Group08/12/2022
AUS255Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Abbot Point08/12/2022
AUS256Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Cleveland Bay and Approaches08/12/2022
AUS262Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Approaches to Cairns08/12/2022
AUS292Australia - Torres Strait - Queensland - Adolphus Channel to Prince of Wales Channel08/12/2022
AUS294Australia - North Coast - Torres Strait - Endeavour Strait08/12/2022
AUS299Australia - North Coast - Torres Strait - Approaches to Thursday Island08/12/2022
AUS301Australia - North Coast - Queensland - Booby Island to Archer River08/12/2022
AUS303Australia North Coast - Queensland - Nassau River to Wellesley Islands08/12/2022
AUS367Australia - East Coast - Queensland - North Reef to Pine Peak Island08/12/2022
AUS490Australia - East Coast - Queensland - Sandy Cape to Swain Reefs08/12/2022
AUS609South Pacific Ocean - Norfolk Island08/12/2022
AUS610Australia - Tasman Sea - Approaches to Lord Howe Island08/12/2022
AUS614Australia - North Coast - Plans in the Northern Territory08/12/2022
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
NP56ASD - Norway Pilot Volume 1, Edition 18/202227/10/2022
NP80LLFS - Volume G, Western Side of South Atlantic Ocean and East Pacific Ocean From Cabo Orange to Point Barrow and Hawaiian Islands, Edition 3/202227/10/2022
NP286(5)ALRS - Volume 6(5), North America, Canada and Greenland, Edition 3/202227/10/2022
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
NP81LLFS - Volume H, Northern and Eastern Coasts of Canada including River Saint Lawrence and Saint Lawrence Seaway24/11/2022
NP281(2)ALRS, MRS - Volume 1, Part 2 - The Americas, Far East, and Oceania
NP283(1)ALRS, MSIS - Volume 3, Part 1 - Europe, Africa and Asia, excluding the Far East01/12/2022
NP283(2)ALRS, MSIS - Volume 3, Part 2 - The Americas, Far East and Oceania08/12/2022
Withdrawn Publications
NPTitleEdition Date
Technical Publications
New Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOIMDG Code, Edition 2022 (digital)Oct.2022
IMOIMDG Code, Edition 2022Jan.2023
IMOIMDG Code Supplement, Edition 2022 Jan.2023
IMOIMDG Code Supplement, Edition 2022 (digital)Dec.2022
IMOIMSBC CodeOct.2022
IMOMARPOL, on the Web (internet subscription), Ediiton 2022Oct.2022
WSBallast Water Management: Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available, Edition 13/2022Coming Soon
WSBallast Water Management: Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available (e-Book), Edition 13/2022Coming Soon