Weekly Catalogue Changes

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Our weekly catalogue changes highlight new Admiralty charts, Admiralty books and technical publications; cancelled and replaced charts and publications; forthcoming charts and publications; and the intention to withdraw Admiralty charts and publications.

Week 34/22

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
1185River Thames, Sea Reach25/08/2022
1186Canvey Island to Tilbury25/08/2022
2151Tilbury to Margaret Ness25/08/2022
3569Plans in Foroyar (Faroe Islands)25/08/2022
3734Khalifa Bin Salman Port and Approaches25/08/2022
3736Mina' Salman and Approaches25/08/2022
3738Outer Approaches to Bahrain25/08/2022
3759Approaches to Port of Sitrah25/08/2022
4001A planning chart for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans25/08/2022
4002A Planning Chart for the Pacific Ocean25/08/2022
4005A Planning Chart for the Indian Ocean25/08/2022
4015A Planning Chart for the Atlantic Ocean25/08/2022
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
DE4Robbenplate to Reiherplate01/09/2022
DE5Brake to Bremen01/09/2022
DE52River Trave to Lubeck01/09/2022
120Vlissingen-Oost to Nauw van Bath01/09/2022
858Approaches to Goteborg01/09/2022
1603Inner Approaches to Shanghai01/09/2022
1604Baoshan to Changshu Port01/09/2022
2692Sunk Inner Precautionary Area01/09/2022
259Baltic Sea08/09/2022
976Approaches to Pitea08/09/2022
1144Yangshan Deep Water Port08/09/2022
1220Gulf of Honduras and Yucatan Channel08/09/2022
1303Nanhui Zui to Huoshan Liedao08/09/2022
2276Klaipeda and Approaches08/09/2022
3674Approaches to Jakobstand08/09/2022
8153Approaches to Qingdao08/09/2022
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdraw Date
Withdrawn With Replacements
ChartTitleWithdraw DateReplaced By
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdraw DateReplaced By
2355The Trave from Grosse Holzwiek to Lubeck01/09/2022DE5
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
DP330NavPac and Compact Data SoftwareTBA
Technical Publications Charts
New Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOMARPOL, Consolidated Edition 2022 (digital)17/08/2022
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
WSShipmaster's Security Manual 2022July.2022
WSShipmaster's Security Manual 2022 (eBook)July.2022
IMOMARPOL, on the Web (internet subscription), Ediiton 2022Sept.2022
IMOIMSBC CodeOct.2022
WSChemical Tankers: A Pocket Safety Guide, Edition 03/2022Coming Soon
WSChemical Tankers: A Pocket Safety Guide, Edition 03/2022 (eBook)Coming Soon