Weekly Catalogue Changes

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Our weekly catalogue changes highlight new Admiralty charts, Admiralty books and technical publications; cancelled and replaced charts and publications; forthcoming charts and publications; and the intention to withdraw Admiralty charts and publications.

Week 26/22

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
2027Ile Grande to Ile de Brehat30/06/2022
5615_18Whitby Harbou+Hartlepool+Sunderland30/06/2022
5615_22Farne Islands to Holy Island.+ North Sunderland Harbour30/06/2022
5616_1Point of Ardnamurchan to Sound of Arisaig30/06/2022
5616_2Sound of Arisaig to Mallaig30/06/2022
Q6099Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea30/06/2022
Q6111Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea30/06/2022
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
DE33Approaches to Kiel07/07/2022
Aus780Althorpe Islands to Backstairs Passage07/07/2022
Aus781Gulf St Vincent07/07/2022
888Alands Hav to Furusund07/07/2022
889Vaddo to Oregrund07/07/2022
1555Dafangji Dao to Hong Kong07/07/2022
3892Beihai Gang to Hailingshan Gang including Qiongzhou Haixia07/07/2022
5616_15Loch Brittle to Loch Eishort07/07/2022
5616_3Mallaig to Glenelg07/07/2022
723Approaches to Lianyungang14/07/2022
806Shijiu Gangqu and Approaches14/07/2022
1199Ningbo Gang to Changjiang Kou14/07/2022
1201Guanhe Kou to Rizhao Gang14/07/2022
1253Lianyun Gang to Qingdao Gang14/07/2022
1254Qingdao to Chengshan Jiao14/07/2022
1761Taiwan Strait, Northern Part14/07/2022
2348Stott to Andenes14/07/2022
2351Andenes to Lopphavet14/07/2022
2352Lopphavet to Mehamn14/07/2022
2353Mehamn to Grense Jakobselv14/07/2022
2401Nanri Dao to Baiquan Liedao14/07/2022
2580Sheffield Island to Execution Rocks14/07/2022
3015Selat Laut and Sungai Barito14/07/2022
3655Jersey and Adjacent Coast of France14/07/2022
5615_1Whitby to Blyth14/07/2022
5615_16River Forth Rosyth to Bo'Ness14/07/2022
5615_21River Tyne Royal Quays to Willington Quay+ River Tyne Willington Quay to Wincomblee+ River Tyne Wincomblee to Newcastle Upon Tyne14/07/2022
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdrawn Date
Withdrawn With Replacements
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
2315Soroysundet to Mageroysundet14/07/20222352
2317Omgang to Mys Nemetskiy (Including Varangerfjorden)14/07/20222353
2321Vestfjorden Myken to Moskenesoya14/07/20222348
2327Vaeroya to Litloya including Vestfjorden to Narvik14/07/20222348
2328Lofoten to Vesteralen14/07/20222348
2330Nordkapp to Makkaur14/07/20222352
2366Litloya to Hekkingen14/07/20222351
2367Hekkingen To Fugloykalven14/07/20222351
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
1364Monrovia to Greenville07/07/2022DE33
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
NP202ATT - Volume II - North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Regions, Edition 202323/06/2022
NP321ASP - The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the year 202323/06/2022
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
DP330NavPac and Compact Data SoftwareTBA
Technical Publications Charts
New Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
WSPassage Planning Guide. Baltic Sea: Skagen to Bornholm - (PPG - Baltic), Edition 2022May.22
IMOMARPOL, Consolidated Edition 2022Jul.22
IMOMARPOL, on the Web (internet subscription), Ediiton 2022Aug.2022
WSBridge Procedures Guide - Ed 06/2022TBA
WSLPG Operational PracticeJune.2022
WSLPG Operational Practice (eBook)June.2022
WSProperty Insurance Claims - Law and PracticeMay.2022
WSA Practical Guide to Salvage and Places of Refuge (For Shipboard Use)June.2022
WSBiofouling, Biosecurity and Hull CleaningJuly.2022
WSThe OSV GuideJuly.2022
WSThe OSV Guide (eBook)July.2022
IMOIMSBC CodeSept.2022