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Week 24/21

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions
ChartTitleEdition DateAvailable
172Isole Eolie17/06/2021Y
805Ports in the Tyrrhenian Sea17/06/2021Y
896Ulsan Hang to Taebyon Hang17/06/2021Y
898Ports on the East Coast of Korea17/06/2021Y
1018Approaches to Stretto di Messina17/06/2021Y
1168Harbours on the North Coast of Cornwall17/06/2021Y
1749Montevideo to Buenos Aires17/06/2021Y
2456Nantucket Sound Western Part Buzzards Bay and Approaches17/06/2021Y
3561La Plata to Carmelo17/06/2021Y
4128Mirs Bay17/06/2021Y
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
Aus143Port Phillip24/06/2021
Aus1198Botany Bay and Port Hacking24/06/2021
Aus1200Port Jackson24/06/2021
Aus1207Approaches to Newcastle24/06/2021
D103Spiekeroog to Romo and Helgoland24/06/2021
110Westkapelle to Stellendam and Maasvlakte24/06/2021
2244Monaco and Approaches24/06/2021
2315Soroysundet to Mageroysundet24/06/2021
2330Nordkapp to Makkaur24/06/2021
2540Loch Alsh and Approaches24/06/2021
2817Baltic Sea, Northern Sheet and Gulf of Finland24/06/2021
4103English Channel to the Strait of Gibraltar and the Arquipelago dos Acores24/06/2021
4104Lisboa to Freetown24/06/2021
5506Turkish Straits, Strait of Instabul and Southern Approaches24/06/2021
5507Turkish Straits, Strait of Canakkale24/06/2021
252Cap Corbelin to Cap Takouch01/07/2021
633Plans on the East Coast of Ireland01/07/2021
1008Gunsan Hang and Approaches01/07/2021
2492Bay of Fundy to Block Island01/07/2021
8054Jebel Ali (Mina Jabal Ali)01/07/2021
8101Fujairah (Fujayrah) and Khawr Fakkan01/07/2021
432Approaches to Terminal da Ilha GuaibaTBA
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdrawn Date
8034Port Approach Guide, Marsaxlokk10/06/2021
8052Port Approach Guide, Limassol10/06/2021
8161Port Approach Guide, Valletta10/06/2021
8210Port Approach Guide, Brindisi10/06/2021
8213Port Approach Guide, Trieste10/06/2021
8228Port Approach Guide, Monfalcone10/06/2021
8235Port Approach Guide, Napoli (Naples)10/06/2021
8240Port Approach Guide, Augusta10/06/2021
8265Port Approach Guide, Cagliari including Sarroch Oil Terminal10/06/2021
8274Port Approach Guide, Salerno10/06/2021
2004Plans on the Coast of Uruguay17/06/2021
8017Peraias (Piraeus)17/06/2021
8061Hefa (Haifa)17/06/2021
8178Beyrouth (Beirut)17/06/2021
8251Casablanca and Mohammadia17/06/2021
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
8019Richards Bay24/06/2021
8021Port Elizabeth and Ngqura24/06/2021
8025Cape Town24/06/2021
8035Port D'Abidjan24/06/2021
8038Saldanha Bay24/06/2021
8102Port de Douala24/06/2021
2357Baie de Quiberon01/07/2021
2823Quiberon to Le Croisic01/07/2021
2981Pointe de Saint-Gildas to Goulet de Fromentine01/07/2021
2997Saint Jean de Monts to Les Sables d'Olonne01/07/2021
8043Approaches to Bahrain01/07/2021
8106Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby)01/07/2021
8109Dubai (Dubayy)01/07/2021
8116Ra's Laffan01/07/2021
8117Doha (Ad Dawhah)01/07/2021
8118Mesaieed (Musay'id or Umm Said) and Hamad Port01/07/2021
8191Sharjah (Ash Shariqah) and Aamriyah01/07/2021
8253Khalifa Port (Mina' Khalifa)01/07/2021
8029Jeddah (Mina al Jiddah)08/07/2021
8083Laem Chabang Port and Si Racha08/07/2021
8087Ad Dammam08/07/2021
8088Ra's Al Ju'aymah and Ra's Tannurah08/07/2021
8180Port Muhammad Bin Qasim08/07/2021
8222Jubail (Al Jubayl)08/07/2021
8273Map Ta Phut Industrial Port and Sattahip Commercial Port08/07/2021
8053Port Approach Guide, Kaohsiung15/07/2021
8062Port Approach Guide, Taipei15/07/2021
8068Port Approach Guide, Manila15/07/2021
8073Port Approach Guide, Keelung (Chi-lung)15/07/2021
8084Port Approach Guide, T'ai Chung15/07/2021
8258Port Approach Guide, Ho Chi Minh City15/07/2021
8259Port Approach Guide, Vung Tau, Cai Mep and Ports within Song Thi Vai15/07/2021
8260Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Ho Chi Minh City and Song Sai Gon15/07/2021
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition DateAvailable
NP202Admiralty Tide Tables - Volume 2: North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Regions17/06/2021Y
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition DateAvailable
NP321The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors24/06/2021
NP2Africa Pilot, Volume IITBA
NP27Channel PilotTBA
Technical Publications Charts
PublisherTitleEdition DateAvailable
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOIMDG Code Supplement, Edition 2021June 2021