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Week 22/21

Catalogue Changes
Admiralty Charts
New Editions
ChartTitleEdition DateAvailable
DE7River Jade, Inner Part03/06/2021Y
584Saint Barthelemy to Antigua03/06/2021Y
585Nevis and Antigua to Northern Guadeloupe03/06/2021Y
1307Bahia de Campeche03/06/2021Y
1422Esbjerg to Hanstholm including Offshore Oil and Gas Fields03/06/2021Y
1436Plans in Tahiti and Moorea03/06/2021Y
1538Plans in the Northern Kyklades03/06/2021Y
2182BNorth Sea, Central Sheet03/06/2021Y
2182CNorth Sea, Northern Sheet03/06/2021Y
2372Loch Linnhe, Corran Narrows, Fort William and Corpach03/06/2021Y
2379Loch Linnhe, Central Part03/06/2021Y
2380Loch Linnhe, Northern Part03/06/2021Y
2722Skerryvore to Saint Kilda03/06/2021Y
3041Zaliv Nakhodka03/06/2021Y
3101Outer Approaches to Port d'Abidjan03/06/2021Y
3679Nisos Kriti to Nisos Karpathos03/06/2021Y
4140North Sea03/06/2021Y
Forthcoming Editions
ChartTitleEdition Date
JP128Ube Ko10/06/2021
NZ5412Port of Tauranga10/06/2021
331Approaches to Porto de Belem and Porto de Vila do Conde10/06/2021
1104Bay of Biscay10/06/2021
1140Approaches to Port Dickson10/06/2021
1155Yueqing Wan10/06/2021
1252Liaodong Wan10/06/2021
1979Manzanillo and Approaches10/06/2021
2662Tianjin Gang10/06/2021
2665Bei Gangchi10/06/2021
4714Cocos (Keeling) Islands to Ile Saint-Paul10/06/2021
172Isole Eolie17/06/2021
805Ports in the Tyrrhenian Sea17/06/2021
896Ulsan Hang to Taebyon Hang17/06/2021
898Ports on the East Coast of Korea17/06/2021
1018Approaches to Stretto di Messina17/06/2021
1168Harbours on the North Coast of Cornwall17/06/2021
1749Montevideo to Buenos Aires17/06/2021
2456Nantucket Sound Western Part Buzzards Bay and Approaches17/06/2021
3561La Plata to Carmelo17/06/2021
4128Mirs Bay17/06/2021
432Approaches to Terminal da Ilha GuaibaTBA
Withdrawn Without Replacement
ChartTitleWithdrawn Date
Aus113Port of Fremantle03/06/2021
Aus153Port of Geelong03/06/2021
Aus154Port Melbourne, Williamstown and River Yarra03/06/2021
Aus270Plans in Queensland (sheet 2)03/06/2021
Aus280Plans in Queensland (sheet 3)03/06/2021
Aus281First Three Mile Opening to Cape Direction03/06/2021
X1429Smola to Sklinna01/06/2021
X1430Sklinna to Tennholmen01/06/2021
X2014Ronne Banke to Stilo01/06/2021
X2018Ystad to Oland and Stilo01/06/2021
X2040Stilo to Klaipeda including Gulf of Gdansk01/06/2021
X2816Baltic Sea, Southern Sheet01/06/2021
X4101Norway to Iceland01/06/2021
8132Port Approach Guide, Lisboa (East)03/06/2021
8133Port Approach Guide, Lisboa (West)03/06/2021
8137Port Approach Guide, Sines03/06/2021
8160Port Approach Guide, Setubal03/06/2021
8179Port Approach Guide, Aveiro03/06/2021
8194Port Approach Guide, Livorno03/06/2021
8220Port Approach Guide, Civitavecchia03/06/2021
8225Port Approach Guide, Genova (Genoa)03/06/2021
8226Port Approach Guide, Savona and Vado03/06/2021
8239Port Approach Guide, La Spezia03/06/2021
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
Intention to Withdraw Charts
ChartTitleWithdrawn DateReplaced
8034Port Approach Guide, Marsaxlokk10/06/2021
8052Port Approach Guide, Limassol10/06/2021
8161Port Approach Guide, Valletta10/06/2021
8210Port Approach Guide, Brindisi10/06/2021
8213Port Approach Guide, Trieste10/06/2021
8228Port Approach Guide, Monfalcone10/06/2021
8235Port Approach Guide, Napoli (Naples)10/06/2021
8240Port Approach Guide, Augusta10/06/2021
8265Port Approach Guide, Cagliari including Sarroch Oil Terminal10/06/2021
8274Port Approach Guide, Salerno10/06/2021
2004Plans on the Coast of Uruguay17/06/2021
8017Peraias (Piraeus)17/06/2021
8061Hefa (Haifa)17/06/2021
8178Beyrouth (Beirut)17/06/2021
8251Casablanca and Mohammadia17/06/2021
8019Richards Bay24/06/2021
8021Port Elizabeth and Ngqura24/06/2021
8025Cape Town24/06/2021
8035Port D'Abidjan24/06/2021
8038Saldanha Bay24/06/2021
8102Port de Douala24/06/2021
2357Baie de Quiberon01/07/2021
2823Quiberon to Le Croisic01/07/2021
2981Pointe de Saint-Gildas to Goulet de Fromentine01/07/2021
2997Saint Jean de Monts to Les Sables d'Olonne01/07/2021
8043Approaches to Bahrain01/07/2021
8106Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby)01/07/2021
8109Dubai (Dubayy)01/07/2021
8116Ra's Laffan01/07/2021
8117Doha (Ad Dawhah)01/07/2021
8118Mesaieed (Musay'id or Umm Said) and Hamad Port01/07/2021
8191Sharjah (Ash Shariqah) and Aamriyah01/07/2021
8253Khalifa Port (Mina' Khalifa)01/07/2021
Admiralty Publications
New Editions
NPTitleEdition DateAvailable
NP201BAdmiralty Tide Tables - Volume 1B: United Kingdom and Ireland (excluding Isles of Scilly, English Channel to River Humber, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports)03/06/2021
Forthcoming Editions
NPTitleEdition Date
NP27Channel Pilot10/06/2021
NP77Volume D - Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Arabian and Red Seas10/06/2021
NP2Africa Pilot, Volume II17/06/2021
NP202Admiralty Tide Tables - Volume 2: North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Regions17/06/2021
NP321The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors24/06/2021
Technical Publications Charts
New Editions
PublisherTitleEdition DateAvailable
WSBallast Water Management - Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available, Edition 11/2020 (eBook)01/11/2020Y
WSBallast Water Management - Understanding the regulations and the treatment technologies available, Edition 11/202002/11/2020Y
WSBridg Resource Management Guidance, Edition 1/2020 (ebook)01/12/2020Y
WSBridg Resource Management Guidance, Edition 1/202003/12/2020Y
WSProtectionism in Maritime Economies Study: Full Report, Edition 1/2021 (by ICS)01/02/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Bahamas, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Bermuda, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Cyprus, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Denmark, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Isle of Man, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Liberia, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Malta, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Marshall Islands, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Norway, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Panama, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - Singapore, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSFlag State Regulaions - UK, Edition 202101/03/2021Y
WSIMO MSC / MEPC Resolutions and Circulars, Editon 202101/03/2021Y
WSShip Management Contacts (eBook)01/05/2021Y
WSShip Management Contacts04/05/2021Y
IMOThe IMO-Vega Database (electronic download), Edition 25/202119/05/2021Y
NGAList of Lights - British Isles, English Channel and North Sea, Edition 2021 [Pub.114]29/05/2021Y
Forthcoming Editions
PublisherTitleEdition Date
IMOIMDG Code Supplement, Edition 2021June.2021