Plan, order and maintain charts and publications


NovacoBridge is a complete back-of-bridge navigation solution from Riviera Charts. It provides you with a simple yet sophisticated way to:

• achieve or maintain compliance
• plan your passage
• select, order and  maintain your charts and publications.

NovacoBridge makes chart selection simple and affordable. You can maintain vessel compliance and manage any emergency “get me home” charts or publications at the same time.

It’s simple, complete, robust and competitively priced – available as an all-in-one solution or modular.

NovacoBridge supports both charts and publications delivery from one simple to use platform.



Chartroom Management Service

Simplified administration

We provide a number of reports to assist with administration of the charts and publications onboard. They include:

• Folio Index (list of charts in use on board).

• Out of date items (where a newer edition of a chart or book is available).

• T&P (temporary and preliminary correction) reports. We list the active T&P corrections for the users holdings of charts.

• T&P Audit trails, where we list every single active and cancelled T&P correction for every chart the user holds.

• Chart replacement reports – that highlight any new edition charts that replace charts of a different number or title.

24/7 Support

Support services are core to Novaco’s offering. You will get fast, effective support 24/7/365.

NP Publications

See cumulative (NP247 style) corrections for all Admiralty paper publications including sailing directions, light lists, radio signals and other miscellaneous ADMIRALTY publications for any selected timeframe.

Freedom to organise

Organise your inventory of charts and publications into folio groups by selecting items from a catalogue or by importing lists from an external file. Folios may be exported for use by shore-based teams or other ships

Electronic charts

Up-to-date charts and publications

Access all the catalogues of charts and publications published by the ADMIRALTY, other hydrographic offices and public or private organisations. Catalogues are updated weekly and help identify new editions as they emerge.

Simple manual or automated selections

Selections can be made automatically via a route, manually by selecting items from a map or catalogue list, or a mix of both. Items can also be added by importing basket files.

Digital corrections and updates

Automated updates are delivered:

Create lists of corrections for any custom group of charts without having to notify us every time you add or remove a chart. Correction lists, tracings, blocks, notes and corrections text can be displayed at the click of a button.

Eliminates the need to use NP234A/B and/or maintain NP133A by  creating these on demand.

Immediate access

Our Instant Permit Service (IPS) provides new permit files to unlock ADMIRALTY AVCS, ADP and AeNP products instantly.

Place your order and within seconds new permits are sent via email – along with any missing updates. If the items are new editions we even provide various methods of obtaining the base files for you to load onto your device to unlock.

For paper products, the order is processed instantly and the physical product despatched to your chosen destination.

ADMIRALTY Information Overlay

NovacoBridge integrates the ADMIRALTY AIO service with your AVCS updates. No additional work is required from the user.

This is just another example of how we can assist with streamlining your day-to-day workflows.

Digital publications – ADP & AeNP

ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals (ADRS)

Weekly updates for all ADRS Volumes. This collection of digital publications is part of the ADMIRALTY ADP service and is accepted in place of the paper version by an increasing number of flag states.

ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights (ADLL)

ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights is a sister product to ADRS, and also accepted by many flag states.

Get weekly updates for all volumes of the ADLL by email or satellite broadcast. No direct internet access required on the vessel.

ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals (ADRS)

Weekly updates for all ADRS Volumes. This collection of digital publications is part of the Admiralty ADP service and is accepted in place of the paper version by an increasing number of flag states.

ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AeNP)

Weekly updates of ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AeNP) (formerly eNP), such as Sailing Directions (Pilots) and the Nautical Almanac, and other non-geographic publications including eNP100 The Mariner’s Handbook.

eReader integration

You can use a choice of integrated OEM eReaders to see ADMIRALTY, IMO and Witherby digital publications without switching software.


Notices to Mariners

NovacoBridge helps you identify and select corrections, tracings and blocks for your chart holdings. This services supports correction information for any physical chart or publication. This is available as part of the NovacoBridge suite or as a standalone module.

Notices to Mariners

NovacoBridge eliminates the onerous task of deciphering weekly Notices to Mariners (NtMs) to identify corrections. It’s fully automated and can be accessed with a simple button click.

NovacoBridge removes the need to manually maintain NP133A, use NP234 or keep a T&Ps folder. These processes are fully automated and reduced down to 5 button clicks.

The software is intuitive and users are unlikely to need anything more than the “Quick Start up Guide” before they can use it.

Entire Notice to Mariners

NovacoBridge provides all the information published in the weekly Notices to Mariners, and also gives users access to corrections and new editions information that a chart agent would normally use ashore.

Notices to Mariners are distributed by email, direct download, NovacoHub or CD, depending on each subscriber’s preference.

Irrespective of the main method of distributing updates, subscribers can receive each weekly edition of Notices to Mariners in its entirety.

NtMs available for charts held

There is no need to advise of your chart changes because, with NovacoBridge, all Notices to Mariner data (NtM) is sent/already available.


T&Ps in Force

NovacoBridge removes the laborious task of maintaining a folder for Temporary and Preliminary Notices (T&Ps) and having to record what is valid and what is cancelled.

One click provides the full list of T&Ps that affect any charts you select along with all related text, blocks and tracings. An audit trail report will also tell you which T&P has been cancelled, when it was cancelled and by what.


Passage Planning – NovacoPlan

A customer-focused approach to navigation solutions

NovacoPlan is a passage planning module that enables you to:

Simple route planning

Import a route from ECDIS, create a custom route, or select industry standard port-to-port routes.

Valuable voyage data

Calculate the distance and travel time based on the expected speed of the vessel.

Voyage monitoring

Enable monitoring of the passage from any NovacoBridge PC on the ship’s network. (Requires NovacoHub).



Integrate tracking, NavWarnings, T&Ps and passage planning on the bridge with the ChartViewer module. A versatile tool for viewing ENCs on a PC – as an aid to navigation or in an emergency situation.

ChartViewer is supplied as part of a full NovacoBridge installation. It will also work as a standalone product.

ECDIS functionality on a computer

ChartViewer emulates full ECDIS functionality on a compatible PC, laptop or tablet.

Ships’ officers can view their licenced electronic charts on the device, independent of the ECDIS.

Battery-powered devices such as laptops and tablets can become an emergency ECDIS if power on the bridge fails.

Passage planning

Full integration with NovacoPlan (described above) allows the display of planned routes, waypoints, relevant T&P warnings, NavArea warnings and any notes.

Monitor your vessel in relation to your passage plan in real time.

It enables the use of electronic charts as an ‘aid to navigation’.

Integrate with NovacoHub

Use Chart Viewer to display the location of your and surrounding vessels, overlayed onto your available ENCs.

View historical movements of your vessel and surrounding vessels – with up to one-year history.



Access the eBooks from many industry bodies via the IMO bookshelf eReader platform. Working in partnership with BIMCO, CDI, IACS, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), IMarEST, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO, MNTB, OCIMF, SIGTTO, Tanker Structure Co-Operative Forum and UK Chamber of Shipping and Witherbys.