NovacoBridge G2

Chart Management Outfit


NovacoBridge G2 is an intuitive application which radically simplifies
the correction and maintenance process for charts and publications.


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Ensigns and Courtesy Flags

Tailored to your requirements


Riviera-Charts sell a range of courtesy flags and ensigns. Any flags that we
do not hold in stock can be ordered on request.


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Admiralty Digital Publications

Official UKHO Distributors


Access to all Admiralty publications in digital format. You can
choose to subscribe to the area you need.


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Admiralty Vector Chart Service

Official UKHO Distributors


Offering the most comprehensive, official, digital maritime
chart service in the world.


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Chartroom Management

Customised to your requirements


Riviera Charts is a premier provider of Chartroom Management
solutions and other services to luxury yachts.


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LogbooksRiviera Charts distribute a wide range of logbooks ranging from the official MCA logbooks to custom made logbooks for Private Yachts or niche requirements.

Our range of logbooks include Ships Logbook, Deck officers Logbook, Engineering Logbooks, Medical Logbooks and many more.

Maritime Authority Logbooks

A range of logbooks are available from the maritime authorities including the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR), Maritime Progress and TSO.

Offical LogbooksThese publishers bring you options of a variety of logbooks to cover all your needs from, Garbage Record books to Oil Records and Shipping Registry Log Books. CISR even offer Cayman Island Law and Procedures Manual in digital format for all your needs when sailing in this area.

Student Logbooks

Student logbooks by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) are available through our store.

The RYA is the national body for all forms of boating and leisure sailing and offer a variety of assisting material for life at sea as well as courses and training.

The ICS, as well as providing publications from the maritime authorities, consider the production and revision of maritime publications to be one of the most important tastes of their business, and bring to you a wide range of guides to complement the government regulations under then banner of Marisec Publications.

Engineering Logbooks

Engineering BooksWe stock a range of Engineering logbooks published by Brown, Son & Ferguson, established nautical publishers since 1832. They provide a range of nautical textbooks, historical books, and general books about the sea.

Deck Logbooks

Deck LogWe carry an array of official Deck Log Books from various established publishers such as Brown, Son & Ferguson, Adlard Coles, Fernhurst, Imray and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).


Medical & Miscellaneous Logbooks

Medical logbookRiviera also provide a range of miscellaneous logbooks covering all the in-betweens to keep you safe at sea. These are brought to you by established nautical publishers Brown, Son and Ferguson and Witherby Seamanship.