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NovacoBridge G2 is an intuitive application which radically simplifies
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Ensigns and Courtesy Flags

Tailored to your requirements


Riviera-Charts sell a range of courtesy flags and ensigns. Any flags that we
do not hold in stock can be ordered on request.


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Admiralty Digital Publications

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Access to all Admiralty publications in digital format. You can
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Admiralty Vector Chart Service

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Offering the most comprehensive, official, digital maritime
chart service in the world.


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Chartroom Management

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Riviera Charts is a premier provider of Chartroom Management
solutions and other services to luxury yachts.


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We provide high quality, fully sewn flags made of durable Military grade 155gsm woven polyester bunting. Designs are applied to the base in polyester-cotton. Guaranteed hand-sewn in the UK, these flags are colourfast and will not run when wet. They are designed for use at sea and come finished as standard with traditional British-pattern, rope and toggle.

Larger ensigns also come with a reinforced fly-end to prevent fraying.

Guidelines to our standard sizes:    

Proportions 2:3 Proportions 1:2 Proportions 5:7

Most countries

Malta, France, Italy

RED Ensign Group

UK, Cayman, IOM, BVI

Specific Countries


30cm x 46cm 30cm x 68cm 30cm x 42cm
41cm x 61cm 45cm x 91cm 50cm x 70cm
45cm x 68cm 58cm x 114cm 58cm x 81cm
50cm x 76cm 68cm x 137cm 68cm x 95cm
60cm x 90cm 91cm x 183cm 91cm x 127cm
80cm x 120cm 115cm x 230cm 114cm x 160cm
100cm x 150cm 137cm x 274cm 137cm x 192cm
120cm x 183cm 160cm x 320cm 160cm x 200cm
150cm x 230cm 183cm x 365cm 180cm x 252cm

Other sizes are also available, as well as custom-made size and designs.

Contact us for more details and prices.

Almost every national flag has different proportions between breadth and length – so that the design looks correct. Flagmakers prefer to make all their flags to one set of proportions, which makes sense when you remember that in many cases lots of different flags are run up adjacent flagpoles, and that uniformity of appearance is important. However, this doesn't work for some flags and a good such example is the Luxembourg civil ensign, which is always produced in the correct proportions, since otherwise the lion would shrink to a little pussycat in the blue and white sea.

At Riviera Charts we keep a large stock of Ensigns and Courtesy Flags and can respond immediately to any orders even though manufacturers typically require two or three weeks between order and supply.

The flag flapping at the stern is not just another adjunct to the interior designer's plan for the boat, best chosen to match the colours in the dining room carpet. It is an outward and important link to the flag state, the country of which, in many legal respects, the yacht is a floating extension. You only need to read of the continuing cases of flag burning in the world press to realise that national flags remain capable of triggering heated emotional responses.

In general, in countries where there is a civil ensign different to the national flag, the ensign is the appropriate courtesy flag, but there are many exceptions to this general rule. Unfortunately not many countries make clear what their ensigns look like, nor which flag they wish to see hoisted as a courtesy flag. Malta is the gold star exception. Their Maritime Regulations are clear, concise, and include descriptions and pictures of ensign (left) and courtesy flag (right):

Maltese Ensign and Courtesy Flag

The Regulations clearly state that all Maltese registered vessels must fly the civil ensign, but this must not be used as a courtesy flag, and that the national flag is the appropriate courtesy flag.

Other cases are not as clear. To take the case of Gibraltar, we can find little written, but following an enquiry with the Gibraltar authorities we have established that the correct ensign is the Gibraltar defaced red, although the undefaced red ensign is an acceptable alternative. Likewise the undefaced red ensign is accepted and widely used as the correct courtesy flag. Contrary to what some believe, the Gibraltar town flag, has no maritime application even though some officers seem to be attracted to that.

Gibraltar Civil Ensign

The case of the Cayman Islands is equally unclear. In this case there are two alternative ensigns ( of equal applicability and we are able to supply any of the two.

Cayman Islands Ensigns