Cruising guides

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We stock a wide range of cruising guides including Imray, and guides from many independent publishers covering the Mediterranean, North Europe, Caribbean, South America, USA, the Red Sea, Asia and the Pacific.

Imray Pilots


Imray pilot books provide a range of sailing directions for cruising areas from Northern Europe and the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and Far East. Because of the attention to detail and high standard of production an Imray guide is generally seen as the definitive reference to the coast it covers. Most pilots are also available in alternative languages.

Imray also has a comprehensive series of maps and guides which cover the British and European inland waterways as well as publications covering an array of other topics.

Cruising Guide Publications

Cruising Guide Publications are the experts in cruising the Caribbean islands, bringing you a range of titles giving perspective on the islands, the people and the culture of the West Indies.

Bloc Marine

Bloc Marine publishes a range of coastal cruising guides for the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean and Spanish coasts. The handy guides come in English and French, while the volume French Harbours is entirely in English.

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