Paper chart corrections

Simplifying compliance for yachts

Keeping charts up to date is an essential task – but can be onerous and time-consuming. Regulations demand it, inspectors scrutinise it and the pressure of managing a yacht detracts from this very important task. Riviera Charts can take the pressure of chart corrections away from you!

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Paper chart

Chart corrections – the process

All paper charts are supplied with all relevant corrections applied. Our experienced chart correctors will ensure that:

All charts are tabulated and checked to be current.
Withdrawn and replaced charts are replaced.
Damaged charts are assessed for replacement.
All existing corrections are checked for accuracy and completeness.
All missing corrections to bring the charts up to date are applied.
All the charts are sequenced in numerical order and a Chart Index is prepared and supplied.
All T&Ps in force affecting the charts are listed and supplied with the charts.
A custom NP133A is prepared for the charts.

The service takes away the headache of identifying corrections and manually applying them and it is particularly valuable when inactive folios are being put back in service.

Riviera Charts offers a premium corrections service with a turnaround time of 24 hours – including all 8 tasks shown above.

Customers can further augment the benefits from our chart correction services by using NovacoBridge, the chart corrections solution by Novaco, to ensure that corrected charts are maintained up to date with minimal effort. NovacoBridge supports both paper and digital charts and publications, for those yachts looking to adopt digital charts and publications. Please contact us.

Paper chart

Long-term chart and publication storage

Storing charts that are not required on board a vessel can be a major headache. Riviera Charts offers a winter or long-term storage solution, with great benefits:

yacht chart storage